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Professional home staging is the art of furnishing properties for sale to maximize their full selling potential. Great home staging makes a house look luxurious, welcoming, and inspiring. It creates an emotional connection that wows buyers into bidding fast and high! Home staging is not interior design or interior decorating. The goal is to drive potential buyers to open houses and walkthroughs by offering an amazing-looking home that anyone can picture themselves living in. At Gracious Home Interiors, our properties never look "staged"!

Gracious Home Interiors is a premier home staging company in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in staging vacant luxury properties. We are a fully accredited Luxury Home Staging Company with full liability insurance and are celebrating ten years of making properties more beautiful and marketable. We treat every space as a unique vignette, telling its story through alluring, artful, and inspiring design.

Buyers want the furnishings? No problem!  

We consider that to be one of the best compliments we can receive of our work and are happy to sell our furnishings! 

Luxury Vacant Home Staging

Schedule your FREE In-Home Staging Consultation. All Staging quotes are provided after previewing the home. We preview the property to provide you with an accurate quote and ensure the right furnishing are reserved for your project.

How our staging process works

During the in-home consultation, we will walk your property with you, collaborating on what needs to be done to ensure you maximize the FULL potential of your home.

Within 24-hours of our consultation, we email a detailed proposal for your project, including staging dates and pricing.

Once you accept the proposal, we will email the staging agreement, send the invoice for deposit and reserve the furnishing that are perfect for your project!